Blue Mountain Music 

Guitar, Stringed Instrument & Amplifier Repair - Here's what we can do:

  • Saddles
    • Evaluating action, determining amount of change, laying out and adjusting saddle height.
    • Replacing saddles: Materials currently available and creative alternatives.
    • Proper saddle fit in bridge slot, appropriate carve and finishing of surface.
    • Compensating for accurate intonation.
  • Nut Repair and Replacement:
    • Saving a chipped or broken nut.
    • Curing open string buzz.
    • Adjusting 1st position intonation.
    • Laying out string slots spacing.
    • Putting on the finishing touches.
  • Bridges
    • Evaluating grain before repairing a damaged or lifted bridge from a sound board.
    • Correcting a shallow or uneven bridge saddle slot.
    • Restoring delaminated, split or cracked bridges.
    • Removing and replacing cracked or warped bridge plates.
    • Fabricating a replacement bridge or using an after-market replacement.
    • Fitting bridge pins properly.
  • Soundboards & Braces
    • Address humidity damage to laminated and solid tops.
    • Flatten out a bowed top.
    • Repairing a cracked or split solid top.
    • Alignment techniques for gluing cracks flat.
    • Making splints to fill cracks which won’t glue closed.
    • Preparing loose braces for re-gluing.
    • Clamping techniques useful when gluing hard to reach braces.
    • Preparing and touching up finish after splint installation.
    • Repairing and restoring worn or damaged bridge plates.
  • Neck Resets & Neck Repairs
    • Repairing broken head stocks and delaminated fingerboards.
    • We know when and why to reset a neck.
    • Repairing dovetail type necks.
    • Changing the neck angle or degree of pitch.
    • Experienced in gluing, clamping-times of various glues, and proper cleanup.
  • Amplifiers, Speakers & Public Address Systems
    • Repairing of vintage & current Tube Amps.
    • PA systems of all types, we can troubleshoot and repair.
    • Mixers, Power Amps and Speaker problems can all be repaired 

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